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Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

Who is this Sabrina pretentious-double-barrelled-surname person exactly? Well, I’m…

… Canadian-Australian. I was born in Montreal, Canada, but I’ve been living in Australia for nearly a decade. I speak and write French and English fluently.

… an experienced freelance writer specialising in fitness and nutrition, pregnancy and parenting, and sex and relationships, but I’ve also written about travel, entertainment, lifestyle, home renovation, career advice, motoring and much more.

… lucky to have had my work published in numerous print magazines and websites around the world, including Kidspot.com.au, TheTot.com, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, AskMen.com, Good Health, Australian Women’s Weekly, body+soul, Runner’s WorldWeight Watchers, ninemsn Health & Wellbeing, FHM (monthly “Ask Sabrina” column), MAXIM, Ralph, Eat Fit and ZOO Weekly.

… a regular guest on “The Daily Dilemma” segment on Channel Ten’s morning show, Studio 10. You can watch a selection of my TV appearances here.

… the author of A Fantastic Sex Life… And How to Get It! and The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names.

… a highly skilled web editor with extensive experience creating online content and overseeing the day-to-day operations of major websites.

… a freelance copy editor for various magazines, including Belle, House & Garden, Harper’s BAZAAR, The Block magazine, NW, DOLLY, TV WEEK and Take 5.

For more information on my work experience and education, please visit my LinkedIn page.

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