• 10 fun fitness events to train for in 2015

    Make 2015 your most active year yet by signing up for one (or more) of these offbeat events. I dare you not to laugh all the way to the finish line! Forget the idea that fitness has to be tedious - or intimidating! - and inject some serious fun into your fitness routine. Read the full story … Read More

    10 fun fitness events to train for in 2015
  • Oral fixation

    If you're not very experienced or you don't particularly enjoy giving oral sex, give it some time and you might learn to love it. In this excerpt of my book published in Maxim magazine, I get right into the nitty-gritty! I have to warn you: it's not for prudish eyes. For more about my book … Read More

    Oral fixation
  • 2015 baby name predictions

    With a new year upon us, I have some exciting news when it comes to baby name trends. You'll never guess which names are making their way towards the top of the list! In 2014, I cemented my status as Kidspot's controversial baby names expert when I caused an uproar with my Best bogan baby … Read More

    2015 baby name predictions
  • Hugs, sweat & cheers

    The next generation of running clubs are harnessing the power of social media and redefining what the sport can be for a new generation of athletes. These outside-the-box fitness tribes are particularly popular among twenty- and thirty-somethings. Find out all about them by clicking here for … Read More

    Hugs, sweat & cheers