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    My first book, A Fantastic Sex Life... And How to Get It!, is now available for your reading pleasure. Buy it now by clicking here for the Kindle eBook (it can then be read on any tablet or smartphone by downloading Kindle for iPad and iPhone or Kindle for Android). Prefer to kick it … Read More

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  • Baby name predictions 2014

    It was a year of royal and celebrity trends for baby names in 2013. So, what does 2014 have in store? Sabrina Rogers-Anderson investigates the baby names that may top the 2014 list... Is your favourite baby name climbing up the list or falling out of favour? Find out here. For more links … Read More

    Baby name predictions 2014
  • Can CrossFit kill you?

    Crazy fitness cult or the best thing to happen to muscles since Arnie was Mr Universe? While CrossFit's intense training will get you in shape, critics say it can seriously harm you - and make you cry like a little girl. Find out all the pros and cons in my article published in Maxim … Read More

    Can CrossFit kill you?
  • Are you too healthy?

    Can healthy eating be taken too far? For a growing number of Australian women, it's become an obsession... Coined in 1997, orthorexia nervosa refers to an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy or ‘pure’ foods. Read my report on orthorexia published in Women's Fitness... To view more … Read More

    Are you too healthy?